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Japanese Gallery at the MFA

Thursday, June 30, 2011 7:23 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

A group of us gathered at the MFA for a tour or the Japanese galleries, with special emphasis on learning about the Tea Ceremony and ceremonial objects associated with this special tradition.  Keiko-san told us how in the past, Japanese warriors might meet at a tea ceremony, in a room that was too small to allow them to bring their weapons with them.  The doorway might be low, so that they had to bow to enter the room.  In a room specially decorated for the season, with low voices and an attitude of respect for the tea master, rivals might meet and find common ground.  Keiko-san  said when she read of President Obama and Sen. John Boehner meeting to play golf, she was reminded of how a Tea Cceremony could serve the same function in Japan.

Our lecture was interrupted by an evacuation of the MFA announced over the public address system.  We exited and chatted on the lawn for a while, until we were allowed back into the museum. 

We then learned more about some of the ceremonial objects associated with the Tea Ceremony, and about textiles in the Japanese gallery.  Philip pointed out to us that Keiko-san had on her obi some images associated with the Tea Ceremony.

- submitted by Joann

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