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Leadership Structure

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Executive Committee


 Lalitha R


 Eka M


 Françoise M

 Communications Officer

 Eileen S

 Membership Officer

 Marga vB

 Recording Secretary 

 Noelle D

 Members-at-large  Joann K, Elsa L, Matsuko L

 Past - President

 Ines A

Activity Chairs

 Book Club  Meri C (Chair), Eileen S (Co-Chair)
 Canasta  Nana M
 Coffee at the Pru  Marga VB
 Cultural Exchange  Elsa L, Roswitha S 
 Excursion Program  Any Member Organizer
 Golf  Jocelyne K
 International Cooking  Nana M
 Mah Jongg  Marga VB
 Neighborhood Coffees  Any Member Organizer
 Out to Lunch or Dinner  Any Member Organizer
 Points of View  Joann K, Nana M
 Pub Night  Diana L, Jocelyne K

iwcb.org Website

 Eileen S, Ines A

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